lundi 31 janvier 2011

Ink rev 246_You can't escape

This is Aarbron who's about to fight the triceratops from the cavern in Shadow of the Beast, he's holding the blue orb (I know he shouldn't have it), and he drank the potion Power Punch ! (red circles on his right hand)

7 hours using gimp on this piece ... I thought I'll never finish it, but I'm glad it's done at last xD

I know the left part could be cut off, there's only black but I didn't know I'll have it this hard ...
I drew Aarbron the funniest way possible : randomly :D

I thought about a lot of things but it was too much complicate for an illustration, maybe I could have finish it faster but I'm not used to make illustration :s
The darkest part of the pic are often the ones I didn't want to finish.

You can't escape from the shadow of the Beast =)

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