samedi 26 mars 2011

mercredi 23 mars 2011

Ink rev 254


Ink rev 253

The first idea was "A fanart of Sakuya from Touhou".

This is another piece I didn't want to finish, and I think it's still not finished but I can't change the face, I'm not that used with anime face and I don't like using 2 or 3 colors for the whole skin, I like to get smoothly to the right color and unfortunately it doesn't fit with anime style :/

I had her clothes in blue at the beginning but I thought it was too sad or simple ... I like the red I had there but it's more like another character. I had fun with the colors but I don't like the idea that I can't have what I really wanted at first. :/

I started this one long ago and didn't finish it, I want to paint some real faces :(

jeudi 17 mars 2011

Ink rev 252

Soooo... This is a VERY old piece that I couldn't want to finish, I've been working on this piece for quite a time now, and it became boring

So I didn't complete it :/

I wanted to have a weird and peaceful scene, like in One piece; you know, every characters are bitching around, everyone is smiling, eating, drinking and stuff.
So trying to do this was fun, but it's damn long, I didn't thought it would be that long :x

Ink rev 251

Ink rev 250

I've made new gradients =')

mardi 15 mars 2011

Ink rev 249

I'm quite proud of this one, it's the first time I manage to finish a painting with the face... It's not the first time I had this issue but usually I can't finish it, that's why =)

(good quality picture on my DA account)