samedi 25 avril 2009


This is NOT my site or the site of the STU-Team, this has NOTHING to do with it ...
This is the website of a friend that I often help a lot; today I made a picture for his site ... a pretty one so I show it to you :O

It's a HUGE picture that can hold High quality print => 2480 x 3508 pixels.
The xcf file is about 115Mo.
I don't upload it on Blogger ... cause only the jpg is about 9Mo :s
( About one hour )

His website is, obviously, :/

Ink rev 130

This one was really cool... BUT GIMP CRASHED !!! My god >< ( About 1 hour ) Music : Time by Lunatica

Ink rev 129

( About 35 minutes )
Music from Legend Of Mana

Ink rev 128

lundi 20 avril 2009

Ink rev 127

Did you already meet someone who always, no matter when, feign to not understand you and try to hurt you by this way ?
Did you already meet someone who was acting like jerk with you because it would hurt you ?
Did you already meet someone who feign to forget all the good time you had with ?
Did you already meet someone who never sees that all changes were only by her side ?

Did you already see someone lying to you ?
Did you already see stupidity on Earth ?

Well... I can't figure anymore where the stupidity come from ... since I wait for her redemption...

But still if I'm really that stupid, I think it's really beautiful. Sadness and Pain are beautiful.

"Je le sais, je le sais bien, mais c'est encore plus beau lorsque c'est inutile..."

lundi 13 avril 2009

Anthology / Anthologie

Here it is ! this odd anthology that cost me 4 points because of my professional lateness.
I thought the thing would be simple : find 15 poems and choose one that you could present and read correctly. But the big thing was the illustration, that I didn't make in time of course :)

La voila ! Cette anthologie bizarre qui m'a couté 4 points à cause de mon retard professionel.
Je pensais que la chose serait simple : "trouvez 15 poèmes et en choisir un que vous pourriez présenter et lire correctement". Mais le gros truc c'était illustration, que je n'ai pas fait dans les temps bien sûr :)