vendredi 18 mai 2012

Ink rev 311

So... I didn't think much about the concept at first. I wanted that girl first, then I thought it was too simple, too... I dunno...

A background and an overall work on lightning and colors is definitely good for the eye. I understood most tricks Marc Brunnet used but there's a whole difference between theory and real-time practice... So it's not as good as I expected but I'm kinda proud of the smooth result.

Maybe I should have put more work into the hands... But seriously those are just a pain to me :(

Simple colors. I don't know really... But I had a lot of fun and I think that's enough to make it worth a good practice =)

Also I didn't get the new version of Gimp yet... I have to update Ubuntu and I can't do it right now. Guess it's not that bad anyway :p

dimanche 13 mai 2012

Ink rev 310

It's been a long time since I tried something... colorful. I just saw Marc Brunet work, a 26 years old artist. I hope I can do such colorful, full of life painting like him...
I wanted to do a painting quite fast. I did it fast, not enough though. I didn't know what I want to make, just anything to practice.

The base drawing wasn't that bad but the character is definitely plain, hopefully I managed to put some elements to hide that plain feeling.
Practice is practice but I wished I could do much better :/
Took me around 5 hours

Edit: Okay... Now I watched a video speed painting by Marc Brunet ... In Slow Motion to see what he really does. And I think I understand a couple of tricks from that :D

I might do something nice next time, now I'm working on some test for school buuuuuuut I can't wait to try those new tips >:D