jeudi 17 décembre 2009

Project Ordure (3)

Espera ! ;p

Hi guys I'm sorry but I won't upload other picture for a week again I think... It doesn't mean that I ain't drawing or anything :p

I'm not dead ... yet ! But I'm thinking 'bout a lot of stuff ( as always maybe ) : a game ? musics ? line art ? animations ? 3D ? Nothing ? oh well ... ' guess you know the song :D

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Back to a(n) (ab)normal state

Okay I think I've regain some guts since the last time...
What ? Nah ! nothing good happen to me but I've met some unknown artists and I really appreciate what they did, I didn't learn anything but it seems they gave me strenght hehe :p

( Also I want to post it somewhere ... )

EDIT : I do think that Inoue character is too powerful in this game ( in others BHS games she was too weak can't always have what we want ... bah ! )

lundi 9 novembre 2009

Walking around

Oh... my head...
When it comes to this state I think I could sleep for the next 3 months, but I would get bored in meanwhile then I'll be more and more exhausted ... what a relief -_-

My dream and desire of making plenty of pictures that could become awesome in one year has succeded I think I'm quite better than before, I know I "can" make great things but I don't always know how they'll begin, is it the same for every artists... Obviously not :/

I know that if I first don't know what I'll be drawing, it'll become strange, special, ugly, irregular, unique, or great ( who knows ). If I train a lot, this style could be more and more special all of this because I don't want to "copy" others...

But still and always the "methods"; things I've create were all experiments, nobody told me how to do them and it always get confusing... Actually in all the things I do, the way I speak or act, everything "confuse" my entourage ( circle ). Some time I do think it's funny to always confuse others without wanting to but when I see others who make huge things ( just one for some of them ) which took them a lot of time ( sometimes this thing is their entire life ) I feel all miserable and wish I could make something that could stun someone ( including me )... :/

And now that I speak ( or write ) about it, I'm just losing it, even the things that were quite good to me without being awesome, I'm losing it...

When ? Why ? Where this magic thing have gone ?
Was it when I first try to forget someone without success...
Was it because I am not good at it... mmmm this blog is losing it too ...

First, I gotta change this holy music that have been played for some weeks now ... I think I need to put "Stranger things"...

dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Project Ordure(2)

Okay... I'm now on linux and my screen got lighter, I can now see that the pictures I've upload on my blog are all with the crappiest quality that could exist, I see that some pictures are "too" blue or "too" red. "What have I done ?!" or something like that -_-'
The good thing is that I can see Nico di mattia's paintings as paintings and no more as photos ( what a relief ), I can see the defaults without searching them, I see them, they are just here ... Let me hope I could keep drawing without crying haha :c

lundi 19 octobre 2009

Ink rev 166

It's not a new picture, of course, but I wanted to post and forgot about it ...

samedi 12 septembre 2009

Another STU Project called "Ordure" :s

Ah, there's a lot of work but this is a good thing for me :p ( don't stare at the name of this project it wasn't my idea :s )
I've been searching - again - for a new way of painting, I'm doing artworks, a lot of landscapes will come later, I will work on the characters too to colorize them ( my big sister should make them so I must make the land : / )

( Alien thing made by my little sister )

lundi 31 août 2009

Ink rev 165

I had the feeling that I did something really nice just when I finished it, and when I saved it and watch it ... I don't know ... "Something's missing, where did it go ?" eh ?
Anyway I wanted to make some Daniel Docius-picture-like : Bah ! quite hard >< Well I don't put it in the same way but I don't wanna use pictures for my comp's so ... ah quite hard :s
( About 1 hour )

Need to be better just before the end of those next two years T_T