mercredi 28 janvier 2009

News Ink rev 86

Ink rev 86 updated / mis a jour

lundi 26 janvier 2009

Ink rev 117

( About 30 min ( drawing ) + 2.5hours ( painting ) )

mardi 20 janvier 2009

Ink rev 116

First it was a drawing I've made on my table ( huh ? xD ) then I put it on paper then I scan it then I put some paint and effects with Gimp.

Enjoy this fan art of the Millenium Earl from D.Gray-Man ( author : Hoshino Katsura )

( About 30minutes on the table, 5 minutes on paper and 3 hours on Gimp xD )

lundi 19 janvier 2009

Nowell release for the Winter Compo on

Finally the STU project is completely finish ( even if we can continue this little game a bit ... the first release is completely safe ! )
I'll send some screens and pictures to let you know more about the game.
My brother and I were participating at the winter competition on but we had 2 problems which shouldn't let us have a good rank ... we couldn't put sound effects with a music at the same time and we have forgot the multiplayer mode or didn't want to make it ^^'
( you can check the criteria to have a good rank here => )
This game, Nowell, has been coded to make it a Wii game :)

Synopsis / little story

- "This night will be the last for the gramps.
No matter how I'll show to all of them how a true Santa must be !

Black Santa."

You have found this piece of paper in your sandwich two days before Christmas...
And you don't really know why but you want to think about this disgusting paper with more serious than the greatest idiot of Earth.
Take your Flying_Snow_Board and your Cannon to defeat the imposter and save Christmas ! -

Have fun in Nowell, a Shoot them up ;)

"Sandwiches can't always save Christmas !"

Coder : (STU)Emvivre
Graphist : (STU)Vash
Concept by (STU)Emvivre and (STU)Vash
Tutorial and Boss music by (STU)Vash
Special thanks to Necromancia for her drawing which help a lot to make the "Loading Screen" ;)

More details on

vendredi 16 janvier 2009

jeudi 15 janvier 2009

Ink rev 114

The STU project is nearly finish so paintings are coming back ! :)

( About 30 minutes )

mardi 13 janvier 2009


Bah ! :)
How are you guys ? Fine ? ok ! x=)
Sorry for that but I'm working on another project to create a little STU ( Shoot them up ) I must take time to make ugly pictures and since my bro doesn't know how to play music ... I'm working on the music too...

So don't worry about this site, soon you'll get new pics...

Be patient x)