dimanche 12 juin 2011

Ink rev 291 - water colossus or life colossus ?

I don't know which one is better, with or without a look in the eyes :/ ?

Anyway here's another painting for practice ... Concept was fun and easy, didn't do much details, only values, saturation and hue to get the piece done.

1 hour

samedi 11 juin 2011

Ink rev 290 Value, Saturation, Hue dammit o_o

You remember the last time I talk about Value mode + Saturation mode + Hue mode in three layers to get a realistic look ?

Well I found a way to work this out !
Last time I seek for a way to work with this, I had reference, I had colors, I had everything and it was too hard to be useful BUT finally I found why.

I always started with values, it's the easiest thing to do. When I desaturate a photo, most of the bright part are sometimes too white, with saturation this white can be worked out but it's quite hard to work on a layer in saturation mode (not because it's "hard" but it's not "handy" nor "easy" :/).

The trick is to fill the saturation layer with a color with 50 saturation, and to paint on a new hue layer so the colors can appear. Then you can work on the saturation layer with red and white, it becomes easy :p

Ink rev 289

Last night, I did a painting using the same workflow : random lines, then paint on it...

And Gimp crashed before I saved my work :( (last time it happen was ... last year ? -_-')
It wasn't great but fun so I got a bit frustrated...

Here goes this one in 20min (btw this creature is a fat male)

vendredi 10 juin 2011

Death colossus ? erm ... ?

I didn't want to do a huge thing, diablo, infernal-like or epic style.
I didn't even try to guess if it would fit the game.

I wanted to search a special concept with the Death background, what is death ? it is cold, silent, it can be slow or fast, heavy? empty? sweet?

Does it even have a body ? a face ?
What is a face ? The identity, the death doesn't have a face, nor identity so I thought about giving it a mask.

And after all these questions I really feel like this wouldn't fit the game. But I worked on this so I sent it here.

lundi 6 juin 2011

Kaburu is a colossus

Highly inspired by Kabuto concept from the game "Giants : citizen kabuto", I've made my own kabuto without any problem it was sooo fun.

Painting kabuto while listening to Giants soundtrack => pure win

samedi 4 juin 2011

Dragon concept on "The flamin Gimp" entry

Rift colossus contest entry : Catlike turtle

This is a giant turtle which moves like a cat (I wonder if it could actually fit the game ... :s), huge waves in the sea appears when it jumps out of the water.

30 minutes

vendredi 3 juin 2011

Rift colossus contest entry : test

Element : life
I think it's not that great, but since I got it down I'll sent it too.

It's quite hard to see but the colossus here should be a large parasite, moving in the forest using lianas, he stuck himself onto living beings of the forest (right now he's on the green bird), and hypnotize its ennemies with a large tentacle-eye

Rift colossus contest entry : the flaming gimp

My own entry for the "RIFT create a Colossus contest", the goal was to create one (or more) concept art relating one colossus of one element (fire, water, air, earth, death, life). The colossus must appeared pretty big, like a boss in its environnement.

I didn't really feel like creating a mutant or a weird thing, though it's always more original compared to a simple black dragon (mine).

This is a 10-men raid to fight a black dragon, that's pretty hard to see but there are 10 little men in the painting, two got burned and pull out the boss while the raid wasn't prepared to fight (noobs are everywhere); you can see them on the sketch line I did, they appeared in pink, though I changed one of the guys who got burned but he's not the hardest to see :D

It's the first time I've done a painting that way, I used the filter "Flame" in Gimp, it does a lot of weird things, then I put colors on this weird thing, and I use every part of the picture I got on my screen to complete other parts.

I've rotate the same duplicated picture to have different elements on the screen, like a rotating brush.

I wasn't really confident on this one... at first I wanted to find a way to create the same effect I had with the Flame filter with one brush, but I failed until I use the clone tool which obviously was the best choice to clone the same elements on the painting but I wasn't that proud using the clone tool but it worked out nicely so nvm =)

I used 2500x2500 just for the show with the Flame filter, it's quite neat.
I think I've spent, erm ... 9 hours on this one :/

- Better quality on my DeviantArt account -

Edit : I've made it lighter and put some poor details on the raiders