lundi 29 août 2011

Ink rev 301

Well if it's about characters I'll try to give good quality, but I just wanted to have fun and doodle japanese cherry blossom trees (?)

It's all because about that manga ... Nurarihyon no Mago, it's just a shônen but I like the whole thing, fights are cool, story's based on the japanese demons folklore : Youkai; and the hero got a huge white/black hair + red eyes.
I like those old stories about demons from legends, some got ugly faces, like on those japanese demon masks, but I won't draw those although I still like them :D

vendredi 26 août 2011

Panzer Dragoon series...

I just finished Panzer dragoon Zwei and Azel on saturn.
Those are just incredible games, epicness at every corner, gameplay, models, texture, music, animations, japanese speech, but there's one single thing in the game that pissed off... Translation.

Yes! Translation! Okay when it comes to technical words I can't understand all japanese words but I still can make the difference between "useless speech" and "serious speech".

Sometimes translations is just soooo wrong, I think I heard about 20 sentences which were really wrong :/
It's not important but hell... sometimes characters actually speak for nothing and translations just spoiled the following stuff o_O

Like ... What ?! Azel's last words "I love you..." bullshit ! She said nothing, she kept hesitating "I... I..."; or "Hide in that cave"
-Where ? Oh I'm here ! <<<< Whadahell he's suppose to say "oh...(surprised) sorry"
Or "It was the same for you and Atolm ?"
-Yes, and I miss him... <<<< WTF! Azel said "Yes but it's alright now"

Cut that crappy translations for some time...

And with this ending, who thought Edge would have survived ? he shouldn't but in Panzer dragoon Orta here goes => Orta = Edge and Azel baby ?

Okay okay dunno about the baby, but that would mean Edge survived in the end... wait what ?

Still I'd like to try and play Orta :/

dimanche 14 août 2011

Ink rev 300 "Say woot ?!"

Painting process. Nearly 5 hours spent.
Original painting 5000x10386 pixels
Check it on deviantart

I wanted to paint a face for practice, and the canvas got extended till I had to paint on something bigger...
I gave her boobs and smooth skin but she looked like a granny so I had to make her look younger...
and then I thought that colors were too simple so I gave her some warm shadows...

And now ... That's it xD


That piece wasn't hard, just slow, but details I put here weren't bad. I wanted something like that for the Ink rev 300. Now what's after 300 ? 301 right ?
My point is to get better with the time, better would mean : same or better render than 300 ?

Today feels good again... I hope I'll get even better. =')
300 images ... comme on dit, ça marche Clem xD

vendredi 5 août 2011

I'm going to roar or something

I just read the last chapters of the manga Berserk, like 6 in a row, and now I'm waiting for new ones.

I want to draw Guts, Caska, every single characters from the awesome serie, I wanna draw the badass armors, the weapons, I wish I could make some awesome action scene combine with fantasy.
I want to make all those things, and stop everything when a new chapter would came out... something like that.

Thing would be ... I want to make that right and not half ass job so ...

I'm drooling while thinking about Berserk ... hail Kentaro Miura

(pic was edited from a Berserk page : berZerk ='))

mercredi 3 août 2011

Ink rev 299

I was working on the whole character, but I chose the wrong pose and didn't fit with the head I drew :/

I kept on working in 211x232 pixels, doesn't really matter but I thought it was bigger xD