dimanche 14 août 2011

Ink rev 300 "Say woot ?!"

Painting process. Nearly 5 hours spent.
Original painting 5000x10386 pixels
Check it on deviantart

I wanted to paint a face for practice, and the canvas got extended till I had to paint on something bigger...
I gave her boobs and smooth skin but she looked like a granny so I had to make her look younger...
and then I thought that colors were too simple so I gave her some warm shadows...

And now ... That's it xD


That piece wasn't hard, just slow, but details I put here weren't bad. I wanted something like that for the Ink rev 300. Now what's after 300 ? 301 right ?
My point is to get better with the time, better would mean : same or better render than 300 ?

Today feels good again... I hope I'll get even better. =')
300 images ... comme on dit, ça marche Clem xD

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