dimanche 22 février 2009

dimanche 15 février 2009

Chris Scalf , a great artist, un grand artiste

It's been one year ( yeah that's it xD ). One year since I've found a video on youtube of Chris Scalf drawing dragons and really it was the first time that I saw someone made digital arts so easily ( or so it seems ) and I've been trying to get myself into dragons too but it was harder than I thought... Also his digital paintings are so realistics that I want to ( some times ) kill myself or be stronger ^^' ( he can also make great 3D models and certainly a lot of other things )
Visit his blog to check his art and also videos on youtube =>

Anyway !
This guy is a great artist that "MUST" be respect, he is a 30s years old man who has a family and a ten years old daughter with autism so he got involved into the autism community to help people with autism.
As written on his blog => http://scalfsketchbook.blogspot.com/2009/02/art-scene.html
If someone wants to get a "How to draw dragons" manual or other stuff in drawing or digital painting, please check on http://www.chrisscalf.com/Misc/Misc%20html/art%20store.html

Chris Scalf just sell manuals for 15$, and dvds for 40$, the money will help people with autism as written on http://creativeallianceforautism.org/

"make this world a better place for people with autism to live safely."
"So spread the word! Spread the sites! " -Chris Scalf-


Ca va faire un an ( Oui c'est ça xD ). Un an depuis que j'ai trouvé une vidéo sur Youtube de Chris Scalf dessinant des dragons et vraiment ce fut la première fois que je voyais quelqu'un faire des "digital art" ( disons art digitalisé ) si facilement ( ou c'en avait l'air ) et j'ai essayé de me lancer dans les dragons aussi mais c'était plus dur que ce que je pensais... Et puis ses "peintures digitalisées" sont si réalistes que j'ai ( parfois ) envie de me tuer ou de devenir plus fort ^^' ( il peut aussi faire de super modèles 3D et certainement beaucoup d'autres choses )
Visitez son blog pour voir son art et aussi des vidéos sur youtube => http://www.youtube.com/user/cgsbgs

Enfin !
Ce type est un grand artiste qui "DOIT" être respecté, c'est un homme qui a la trentaine, une famille et une fille autiste de 10 ans, il s'est vu impliqué dans la communauté autiste pour aider les autistes.
Comme écrit sur son blog => http://scalfsketchbook.blogspot.com/2009/02/art-scene.html
Si quelqu'un veut avoir un manuel pour savoir "Comment dessiner des dragons" ou d'autres trucs en dessin ou peinture digitalisée, s'il vous plaît allez sur http://www.chrisscalf.com/Misc/Misc%20html/art%20store.html

Chris Scalf vend des manuels pour 15$, et des dvds pour 40$, l'argent aidera les autistes comme écrit sur http://creativeallianceforautism.org/

"Faire de ce monde un meilleur endroit pour que les autistes puissent vivre sainement"
"Faites passez le mot ! Faites passez les sites !" -Chris Scalf-

jeudi 12 février 2009

Le Rêve d'Amarante

A website banner for a friend ( about 2 hours )

Decoration / Presents
Decoration / Cadeaux

( Also for all the ten past pictures I've made, I did not make the best rendering for those pictures, actually there is a button to put the quality of a picture at its best level in Gimp but ... I thought it was already the best level so ... when I've made this banner I saw that colors were fading some times. And also this little problem is still present on my blog I don't really know how it works but when I upload my picture on the blog strangely it just compress it and fade my colors... So the good way to keep it safe is to upload it in an other way. )
That's it everyone see you next time.

.........This one about 3 hours

And this one is about ... 6hours 'cause there were many and MANY changes on it ... but after all, this one will not be on the website ^^'

vendredi 6 février 2009

Amazing arts

Well I've already seen these pics before but ... shit that's too great xD
This time I found them on the Gnomon Workshop I just checked some 2D and 3D artists' galleries and so ... here we are ^^'
( These 2 pictures aren't suppose to be with each other, I put them like that )

Edit : Pictures made by Meats Meier ( this kind of art is part of his usual style ) / Images faites par Meats Meier ( Ce genre d'art fait parti de son style habituel )

Ink rev 118

Just playing with smudge tool, color dodge and color burn layers... zzzzzzzzzzzzz ^^' ( About 3 or 4 hours that's too long >< )