jeudi 12 février 2009

Le Rêve d'Amarante

A website banner for a friend ( about 2 hours )

Decoration / Presents
Decoration / Cadeaux

( Also for all the ten past pictures I've made, I did not make the best rendering for those pictures, actually there is a button to put the quality of a picture at its best level in Gimp but ... I thought it was already the best level so ... when I've made this banner I saw that colors were fading some times. And also this little problem is still present on my blog I don't really know how it works but when I upload my picture on the blog strangely it just compress it and fade my colors... So the good way to keep it safe is to upload it in an other way. )
That's it everyone see you next time.

.........This one about 3 hours

And this one is about ... 6hours 'cause there were many and MANY changes on it ... but after all, this one will not be on the website ^^'

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