samedi 11 juin 2011

Ink rev 290 Value, Saturation, Hue dammit o_o

You remember the last time I talk about Value mode + Saturation mode + Hue mode in three layers to get a realistic look ?

Well I found a way to work this out !
Last time I seek for a way to work with this, I had reference, I had colors, I had everything and it was too hard to be useful BUT finally I found why.

I always started with values, it's the easiest thing to do. When I desaturate a photo, most of the bright part are sometimes too white, with saturation this white can be worked out but it's quite hard to work on a layer in saturation mode (not because it's "hard" but it's not "handy" nor "easy" :/).

The trick is to fill the saturation layer with a color with 50 saturation, and to paint on a new hue layer so the colors can appear. Then you can work on the saturation layer with red and white, it becomes easy :p

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