dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Ink rev 244

Aarbron from Shadow of the Beast

Just read the story of SOB from the manual ... there are really some great parts that we can't see in the game, here I just thought about these lines

"Standing, he lifted the globe high above his head, clenching his clawed hand, crushed it to a hundred tiny shards."

next I did a little sketch thought I'm sure that Aarbron didn't cry, but he felt sadness at a time or another :

"as the gleaming blade struck home, he recognised the agonised face of his father and suddenly the painful memories of all he had been came flooding back to him"

it seems I have problems for giving him muscles, I just don't feel like it would be right though he's great with muscles too, I just can't get myself to draw big ones ^^'
Also I don't know why but I thought I read the first line like he was using his two hands, but he's suppose to use just one... :/

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