mercredi 19 janvier 2011

Ink rev 240

I've got unfinished work that I started a week ago and you know what ? I'm making something else! so I have more unfinished work o_o''

Here's a little comic. Two characters, here's what they say:

-1) Well, all I have to do now is to put the candles and light them up
-2) ' Oh a cake!
'Munch Munch
'Hey there, what're you doin' ?
-3) That's my line, you see a cake and you eat it without thinking ?
-4) it's okay it's okay ~
-5) That's mommy's birthday cake !!
-6) Ah mommy's birthday cake ...
'Today ?!
-7) Idiot.
-8) Ah!! what shall we do ? what shall we do ?
-9) 'Calm down, dammit...
'that was a test and it was messed up
-10) Ah... great...
-11) That's a good thing that it wasn't the one I'm making
-12) Yeah, hopefully !
-13) So you'll have to bring the cake in the living room, okay ?
-14) Okay !
-15) Not this one !!
-16) Oh a cake ! Huh ? You got chocolate on your mouth ...

( I'll finish this later )

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