dimanche 28 septembre 2008

Welcome !

Welcome to the blog for Ink rev Section paintings and drawings. I'll show on this blog what I am doing with "art" from rough sketch to digital painting, from the beginning to nowadays. (kiddy to grandpa' if google won't let me down)
I started to use photoshop in 2008/06/22 and gimp in 2008/12/10; then I've only been using gimp to paint.

"Why Ink rev Section ?"
- Well it's a name like another one ... is it bad ?
- You could call it "!*S.T.U-Vash's Pictures"
- ... Yeah ... But I hope some people will join me to draw in this "Ink rev Section" too :p
In that way it would just be ... " STU Ink rev Section "
- Why "STU" ?
- Because ... perhaps the so called "Ink rev Section" already exist !!! lol

You could see my skills upgrade in drawings and paintings, of course I hope I could do better and always better than that :)
( If some fan arts aren't exactly right it's only because I don't like using models or pictures to help me while drawing or painting :s )
You can ask for any questions of any subjects

Have a good time on this little blog :p

Je remercis ...

Christelle, Marie-Ange, Guillaume, Clémentine pour m'avoir aider à débuter, d'une manière ou d'une autre ^^''

- !*S.T.U-Vash -
Michel Lozes

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