lundi 21 juin 2010

Ink rev 191

I tried that Value + Saturation + Hue thing, it's not half bad but actually I still had to play with those 3 and create some more layers to get my job done. My bro made a plug-in to put the saturation thing but it's damn too long to put the saturation with it, so he made a little program which put saturation on one image, a new .tga image, well that's sure is useful although it reallllly looks like making a layer in overlay mode .... I know it's different but it looks awfully the same and sometimes it piss me off but nevermind it helped :p

The Hue, the hue, the damn hue, I remember how it works now that I've got a fight with it, it's awfuuuul, if it's one layer in Hue it's good, but when you begin to smooth the colors and make another layer in hue mode ooooh ... it would burn your eyes :s So the solutions were to merge the Hue layers to just get one hue layer or to put colors with the pencil tool ( 'cause smoothed colors tend to change a lot, a red smoothed circle would have yellow + green colors were it's smoothed but it's because of the other layer too )
Or you erase the previous colors you put on the first layer so you could put new colors on the second layer ... that's what I did at the end

The bad thing would be ... this doesn't have any "realistic look" but screw this, I had a good time ! hope you did too :D

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