vendredi 11 juin 2010

Ink rev 186 ( mega pack sketches )

These are old and recent ( well not so recent though ) sketches I did for practice this year, some are goods, and some were so crappy that I didn't keep them with me :s

You could see that most drawings could remind you some games, movies, anime, or other pictures, well I tried to do some Avatar faces, Dante from Devil may cry, Erza from Fairy Tail, the earth circle by a metal ring ( original concept by Daniel Dociu ), there's also this fat old man face that reminds me a lot those from Berserk, I also did Kirikishow from Rozen Maiden, I tried to make vehicles that look like aliens' from battlezone 2, a Fireball monster from Final Fantasy, I studied some pictures from Ghost In the Shell Megatech Body, there's a character who looks like Sonic the hedgehog a lot, I also tried to draw some faces from Dance in the Vampire Bund, I learnt a lot there, I did some anatomy study with Ramon Miranda tutorials, I tried to draw the helmet of Kurt from MDK, I did some perspective studies with the "Perspective et théorie des ombres" book, I drew a kind of imperial city inspired from the imperial city from Panzer Dragoon ( even if there aren't all those buildings ), I drew Elizabeth and some dynamic faces from Gintama, ah and I also tried to draw Aragorn face from Lord Of the Rings ( half of it )...

All drawings were made without reference. ( except for the first 4 pictures : Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden(3) and some characters from Gintama(1) )

Now that credits are over, here ya go :D

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