mardi 6 septembre 2011

Nurarihyon no Mago

After I red 167 chapters (the whole thing for now)... I really think this manga got something, really story's cool but on top of that there's the whole atmosphere.

The whole manga is about "youkai", demons that appear in legends, they exist only through legends and appear in the real world because of people's "fear". People believe in them and so they can appear.

The drawing style is quite good (there are mistakes in the manga style sometimes but that's not a problem). Now the real thing is the atmosphere as I've already said : when it comes to "youkai" battles or just "youkai" presence, everything become foggy and "youkais" appear wearing keicho style clothes.

The fog in the manga are about dark/white clouds, like clouds in old legends from Edo; clothes/clouds/fights/characters design => atmosphere (that's a nice playing with ink I like that)

The main character got a serious look when it comes to fight, I'd like to draw some serious guys like him with da huge hair :D

Also I was kinda entertained when I saw they're making an anime out of it, fights are good to watch but that's definitely not the same. In the manga you got those nice black clouds especially in big fights; just having the hero avoid an attack is sooooooooooooo nice.

I wonder how they'll make it out in anime version but... wanna draw this so bad xD (wanna read the next chapterrrrrrrr)

edit : Anime is quite nice, the season 2 is awesome, didn't expect that, effects aren't the same but this is really nice !

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