lundi 13 décembre 2010

Ink rev 231 - Hatsune Miku ( my "append" version :o )

Hatsune Miku is not my own character, the original character was created by Tripshots, this art represent what I think the "Append Miku" should look like ( also I don't really like the new voices of Miku in this package )

It's been some days now that I'm using Miku's voice on Vocaloid² and I wasn't getting tired of it or anything but I saw that "Append" thing which should improve Miku's voice...

But actually it's just like an automatic mode, Miku got her voice change in various ways and now I could use like 5 differents voices, I don't know why people are saying that the first voice of Miku is kinda "harsh" or "tears our ears" but it was easier without the append voices...

Now, things about the artwork, I like the concept of Miku and I thought the "append" thing was a good idea but maybe too ... daring ? As you could have some more mature version of Miku's voice I didn't think of anything daring when I used her voice, I thought about something more simple and where the hell are those damn leeks which are suppose to be her favorite item or something ??

So here ya go with my version of an Append Miku
( Although I like the big engines they put on the original "Append Miku" but hell she might be freezing without anything on her :c )

Enjoy =)

( Final comp in better quality on my deviantart account )

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