samedi 20 novembre 2010

Ink rev 229

Nice colors, but I think the nose and the mouth are wrong ... I don't want to change the comp again, I thought the sketch would be good but I changed it all : Rotation, scale, erase, redo, ...
A real mess ! Hopefully the final comp makes a quite good impression... Bah it would be better next time ... I think :c

EDIT : Now I want to change it, I tried, but that's definitely not it :x the right eye is not right too ... or not ? my sketches show that the right eye from the final comp should be okay but with that huge hair I can't really guess ... let's say it's ok, maybe the hair is not right ? Oh ...

I used a reference for the first sketches ( I just checked my reference 5 times and just for the sketch so this one isn't that bad :c )

-3 hours painting-

Re-EDIT : Okay the right eye seems okay now... I guess...
Re-Re-EDIT : Okay now the chin is okay, so the mouth seems okay too, now the nose is quite large but it seems okay.
Now, is the hair not too large ...? No no it's okay, she has a huge hair nvm ! :D
But, as I reduced the chin, the head seems too small now... but the shape is good so ... I just took a bigger one :c
Aaaah x') ok

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