dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Nintendo DS - Colors!

Hey guys, it's been quite a long time I haven't post anything on this blog :o
I've got myself a nintendo DS just so I could paint with "Colors!", it's kinda fun and addicting I think...
The problem is that I got used to my little DS and I nearly forgot how to use my computer ... so I've spend a day to get myself back :D
I've done some paintings here they are ( you could see that some aren't finished 'cause I don't want to finish them :/ )
DS is hard to use, you must be careful when painting that your hand don't touch the screen, the luminosity always change as you move the screen when painting. As for the Eva-01 painting I just used dark colors not because I wanted it to be dark but because I painted on a specific angle and I didn't saw that my colors were that dark while painting :o

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