mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Alright... | Chris Scalf video review

Chris Scalf's dragon step by step video :o

I know I'm repeating myself but I think I understand now :D
Just by looking at this step by step video I understand how Chris Scalf chose his colors :c

First he makes a sketch, then he puts gray values for the dragon and the background, when he's done with the gray part detailing and all, he begins to put the colors in overlay mode so this isn't much saturate at first, then he paint the fire ( an orange color ); just after that, he puts the orange color of the fire on the scales of the dragon, which could reflect the light of flames, in overlay mode again so they got more saturate, then he puts some red in the fire so he puts some red onto the scales aswell :c

He used to make a red / blue contrast for the light and shadow part, so the dragon's shadows are dark blue, he lights them up with the dodge tool so he got a lighter blue on the scales which could reflect the light of the moon (maybe ?) then he used that color to put it into the background :D

He seems to like working on one layer, so details just come in and out with his burn and dodge tool =)

That seems easy ... or not xD

EDIT : now that I wrote this, I see that all Chris Scalf's videos are built in the same way ( a good way though ). I'll have to try it out again =)

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