vendredi 9 avril 2010

Gintama anime reached its final espisode (201)

Man, who in the world doesn't know about gintama ? Huh ? No! Of course all europeans know about it ! Don't gimme that crap! Of course they do ! I TOLD YOU THEY DO !!! I'M GONNA BEAT YOU FOR SURE !

Hem ( just stop the pissed-gin act already )

Such a master piece, I think I know this serie for about 3 years ... I started to watch the anime and nobody ever told me about this until my big sis' came and showed me "a great funny anime" that a friend advice her to watch.

I couldn't be deceive, the first episodes of the anime are sure funny as every episodes but the more we dig in the serie the more it grows into something always more epic, there isn't one episode that got me bored ( except when the voice of the prince Hata dub other characters I feel very weird when it happens ), I hope I could write some kind of letter to the author in japanese some day but right now there's no way I could do this :p

After I saw the 20 first episodes, my sister bought me the first volumes of the manga, as I remember the way the characters speak I couldn't get off the anime of my mind but it is better this way ! The volumes are great too, and the anime respect the original story well. It doesn't fall in any way (even if the author made me worried a lot when I read his comments).

And now 201 episodes in anime, 304 chapters in manga... Too bad that the anime just stop, but it gave a lot enough maybe?

Everything in the anime is great, I think that Gintama couldn't be shown in another way but this one : the voices, the music, the noises, the effects, the entire act that goes with the supreme story of Hideaki Sorachi. I'm amaze, really, I hope Gintama will still amaze me in the future, this is how it should be =)

I advice you all to go out and seek for the anime, and volumes, you won't waste your time. ;)

-Heyyyy ! You didn't even told us what Gintama was all about ! Spit it all already damn hag !
-Haaah ? ! Don't mess with me !!!!! I've already... Ah, it's true.

Gintama, Gintama... mmm... first of all it means "Silver Soul" if you read it as "Gin Tamashi" and not as "Gin Tama" which means "Silver Ball(s)" x_x
You can also translate it to "Soul of Gin(toki)" if you read it as "Gin no Tama(shi)" since the main character is often called Gin. ( and not "Ball(s) of Gin(toki)" )
Gintama is a japanese manga written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi, first released in 2003 8th December in Shueisha's weekly shonen Jump ( Man, I'm late )
It's a comedy that used to parody a lot of manga while setting a story just after the era of Edo.

In the manga the era of Edo come to an end because of the invasion of Amanto ( those are aliens who want to rule over the Earth ), the main protagonist's a samurai named Gintoki who will lead us to all sort of crazy stories always putting him in danger, bond with Shimura Shinpachi and Kagura, those three represent the Odd jobs as the Amanto have forbidden people to carry katanas, the samurais have no longer jobs in the society.

Well I'm not a professional or something, but I did watch some animes and this is the first time that I saw a such hilarous manga yet with a lot of emotional drama parts who lend us another point of view on this manga, those hopeless characters are so respectful after these parts, it's just so epic but Gintama is the MOST underrated anime of ALL TIME! Comedy is the best, action is the most realistic you can find. Pure sword skills, no cosmo, no devil's fruit, no chakra, no reiatsu. Plain old samurai skills. Although there have been times where it has been exaggerated, but that is because it's got a little sci-fi flavor in it too. This is one of the best if not only multi-genre anime you can find out there.
Whenever I got the time and the money I hope I could buy all the volumes =)

( Also sorry for the bad quality )

- Huh ?! Is that all ?! Is this Gintama ?!
- Man, you know how hard it is to define what is Gintama ?! Of course it's not just that ! Don't you dare look down on Gintama !!!!
- So ? What is it ?
- Seriously I would say it's anything and everything ... but it feels really good to watch it, sometimes I felt more mature with some episodes ...
- Mmm? Indecent stuff ?
- ... I wasn't saying it like that ... I don't remember about the indecent stuff I mean those are covered in mosaic and ...
- So there IS indecent stuff huh ?! What about the children ?! Is this not a shonen ?
- Ah ... I wonder how much Sorachi had suffer from this part... ... there's no porn you fool !!!
- Tch !
- Still some parents might had complain for some scenes but without disrepecting them, it's stupid to think about gintama this way...

!*S.T.U-Vash =)

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