lundi 15 mars 2010

Dance in the Vampire Bund

"It's the story of a promise, the story of the demons' queen and a young boy who gave her everything."

Dance in the Vampire Bund is a seinen manga, that I didn't know myself until I saw one episode of the anime. If you were like me, giving interest in the anime first, then forget about the anime now ! 'Cause it realllly sucks...

Of course it's nice to see her Highness Mina Tepes and Akira moving and living with nice colors but the manga is far more intense and interesting, would it be for sentimental parts, speeches, informations, the chain of events is as much exciting as natural, even the battles are delectable.

Conversely the anime doesn't respect the original characters, it also adds new ones that have nothing to do in the story, they skipped a LOT of scenes so they ruin the whole original story.

They also try to show Mina Tepes as a super vampire with super speed and such, even when it would be better without showing it...
I truly wonder why didn't they just copy the manga it would have been so much easier and better...

The first released was in 2006 ( Japan ), the anime began in 2010.

( Mina Tepes reminds me Shinku from Rozen maiden, with her cocky and arrogant attitude towards every one but she's more than that )

Scanlation can be found on the net from vol 1 to vol 7 ( including raw versions ), the last volume, vol 8 is out in japan and no one is talking about it on the net.

You can visit here
or here
or even here
for scanlations ( it's when I read this kind of manga that I want to learn japanese instantly )

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