lundi 11 janvier 2010

Avatar, the movie ( 2009 ) || Just want to make something like that ... one day !

Well ... I didn't make noises for this film since I don't have any interest in rushing all the way to see new movies, but my family bring me into it and it's now over, all I want is having the DVD of this movie in the higher quality that could exist for studying, revising, every details, every little things that appear in this movie and try to make something that could have ... "this" !

The life that is into this movie, the game, all sequences, everything I said already ...
But more precisely the facial expression, the real actors that were moving their own characters ( 3D models ) I mean their Avatars ! ( this is another coincidence that makes the thing bigger ! )

Anyway all I was doing since I saw the movie was thinking about how James Cameron and all his team could have done such a thing... I've learn to make little animations, not great, sure, but I know that it takes time, a LOT of time, even for the smallest thing you could do ( try moving your head from left to right while thinking about something sad, something happy, something that could bring emotion through your face ).

I was just surfing on avatar fansites to find some pictures to bring me back these expressions, these details. And I posted a comment on just to answer to a random guy, who wrote something like that

" ...and one of these days, you won't need the actor at all. "

,and maybe ... to make me write the whole article ( I planned to copy/paste it in here before it appears but well ... I copy something else and lose my comment in the haste :'D )

One day, I heard about motion capture ( okay these are the old days ), all I saw into it was a great tool to make life easier, "For what ? Where's the big deal ? We can do that too without it !" is what I thought at this moment and it was true, hard but true. It was true, I was always seeing the 3D world as the biggest challenge, a world that could make an idea moving, living; a simple drawing could become something that looks like real and be able to move ... it was the dream of every artists that discovered something useful without thinking how hard it is.

In Avatar, James Cameron's ideas had become something too big, motion capture was not only for capturing large movements anymore, it can also capture the really expression of an actor as James Cameron talks about it in every posts, every sites, everything that deals with it... I'm not telling anything new...
He said things like that : "... it captures 95% of the actor expressions ... ".
I also saw that they had developped a new engine to make rendering faster, somehow it was 25 times faster than their CPU by using "Pantaray engine" and thinking that they have a computer that is already 10 times better than mine ....

-"250 times faster ? so let's see ... they said they had this little scene that takes them 1.5 days to render it so ... 375 days to render this scene on my computer ?! what the ! ?"

Somehow I didn't think at this time, I was just going more and more crazier ...
As I said what really pushes my feelings was the facial expressions. Of course the movie is great I don't deny it, I love it. But more than that I was thinking about how to do something like that, but leaving the universe itself, Pandora planets, very nice renderings, the very detailed leafs, flowers, little insects, plants, the great particles. By leaving all that I'm sure the time rendering could become VERY poor. I don't even know why I am writing this since everyone knows that.... oh well OKay !

Did I say "crazy" ?

And I love the movie ( Do not tell me that I don't, I could go mad :D )

To end this article I'll not post any pictures but give you the great sites that you might already know to have a lot of pictures ...

Guess I feel better now ... I suppose ... :p

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