lundi 23 mars 2009

You can laugh

My first picture on photoshop a sort of squelet ( 2007/09/03 )

brrrrrrr ...
Well ! it was ... erm ... let's see ... a little start to make a space ship to put it in a game but I was really really a dumb ass at the time and I didn't finish it at all xD ( 2007/12/09 )

This one, a knife for the STU Team I thought it was really a nice pic .... but nobody wanted to accept it so ... we just take a simple text with the same name it was boring but strangely everyone gave it his damn ( 2007/07/02 )

Ah I love this one >:D It was the first time I paint with 45 layers ( Lmao this is for dumb fools ! ) I made it in 2008/06/16 truly that was a good experience :)

A nice little pic, it's an icon for a little program ( by Emvivre ) which can allow you to create a quake 3 server with your PSP
I made this pic in 2007/12/23

A little pic for a friend really simple made in 2008/01/03

A first try to make the logo of a radio made in 2008/02/29

A plane ... how simple ! made in 2008/06/21

Maybe it doesn't seem like that but I wanted to make the sea, but I failed and it most looked like a ... Swamp thing ? :/
Made in 2008/06/15

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